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Talks on Natural Dyes & Fibres

Talks on Dyeing and Natural Dyes

Teresinha gives two main talks on natural dyes ‘An Allotment to Dye for’ and ‘A True Blue – Woad & Indigo’ and three talks on natural fibres plus she has a new talk on Sustainability.
Each talk lasts approximately one hour including time for questions. After the talk Teresinha sells handmade greeting cards using natural dyes, small looms and Rakestraw spinners.

a) New Talk on Sustainability

  1. NEW - Sustainability in TextilesSustainability in textiles by Teresinha - Have you ever wondered why cotton clothes are so cheap? How sustainable is it to donate clothes to charity shops? Did you know what you can do to make textiles more sustainable?

    Comments by members of the Birmingham WSD guild:
    ‘The best talk I have heard in years!’
    'Very thought provoking'
    'Really informative and just the right level of humour. You gave us a lot to think about.'

b) Talks on Natural Dyes

  1. An Allotment to Dye for: Teresinha discusses the beauty and Natural dyes talk by Teresinhathe advantages of natural dyes and explains the use of mordants. She then talks about the history and use of tropical dyes. Teresinha brings samples from several dye plants she grows and of Dupion silk dyed with these plants so that the audience can see the plant next to the colours that it produces. Read more about natural dyes and dyeing at www.wildcolours.co.uk.

    Comments from the Lichfield Textiles and Stitch Group:
    Absolutely fabulous talk. Teresinha has six different talks and we want to book all of them”.

  2. A True Blue – Woad & Indigo: covers the properties of indigo and the various plants that produce blue. Teresinha with woad ballsThe talk then concentrates on woad, starting with the history from the Neolithic to the present day. It discusses briefly how to grow woad and how to extract and use the pigment. Teresinha brings several examples of the plant and of items dyed with woad and indigo, from soap to feathers. Read more about woad at www.woad.org.uk.

c) Talks on Natural Fibres

Teresinha also has three talks on natural fibres ‘Wild Fibres – from Nettles to Soy silk’, ‘Wild Fibres – from Angora to Yak’ and ‘The Silk Road to Birmingham from China’.

  1. Wild Fibres – Plant Fibres from Nettles to Soy silkPlant fibres talk by Teresinha is all about plant fibres (nettles, flax, hemp, cotton, jute, coir, yucca, bamboo, soy silk, sea cell, etc). Teresinha brings samples of the fibres, a handspun skein, a knitted square, and often a woven square as well, to show how each fibre differs and behaves. Read more about natural fibres at www.wildfibres.co.uk.

    Comments from the Berkshire WSD guild:
    A huge thank you for such an interesting, informative and entertaining talk; your knowledge and enthusiasm certainly came through and was enjoyed immensely by all our members  - I think we all learned something new as a result!” (Berkshire WSD guild, February 2023)

  2. Teresinha's Animal Fibres talkWild Fibres – Animal Fibres from Angora to Yak is about animal fibres (wool from sheep, cashmere, musk ox, possum, vicuna, yak, etc). There will be samples of fibres for everyone to touch. Read more about natural fibres at www.wildfibres.co.uk.

    Comments from the Gloucester Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, April 2023
    “an amazing talk”

    Comments from the York WSD guild:
    I learned a lot from your talk”, “Excellent talk”

  3. The Story of Silk is a spellbinding talk on silk, starting in China and finishing in Birmingham. You will discover the difference between mulberry and tussah silk as well as easy ways to use a variety of silks in your work. Teresinha explains how to get silk from the cocoon and what reeled silk is. Samples include silk hankies, nuno felting, silk paper, different silk fabrics and cocoons from several species of silk moths. Read more about silk on www.wildfibres.co.uk.

    Comments from the Lichfield Textile and Stitch Group, April 2023:
    “a talk not to be missed”

Booking a talk
I am on the official list of speakers for the Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers and the Embroiderers’ Guilds and I am a popular speaker at Quilters, Gardening and Botanical groups as well as Women’s Institutes and U3As.

To book a talk, contact me by email or phone. You will find this information on the Contact page and at the foot of this page.

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