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Teresinha Roberts - Natural Dyes & Fibres

Teresinha is an experienced speaker with a passion for textiles and years of experience. She has given talks to well over 60 different groups with repeat bookings to very many of them. Her lively presentations show the beauty of natural dyes and of natural fibres and discuss their importance now and through history.


Teresinha with flax stook

Teresinha and her husband Mike run the Wild Colours business that includes several websites.

1) Wild Colours which specialises in indigo, weld, madder and other natural dyes.

2) Wild Fibres which provides information on fibre and sells flax, silk and other natural fibres.

3) Woad which is a treasure trove of information on woad.

4) Wild Paper which sells beautiful handmade lokta paper.

The knowledge that Teresinha and Mike have accumulated through experimentation and research provides the wealth of information they offer on their websites. Wild Colours has grown from small beginnings and they now supply customers in 80 countries.

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Teresinha Roberts, Studio 319, Scott House, Gibb St, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4DT, UK

Contact Teresinha for enquiries on
Tel:  +44 (0)7979 770865
email: info@teresinharoberts.co.uk

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